britt. and ham.

I’m Britt. This is my dog Ham. We have been a dynamic duo for thirteen years.

Thirteen years ago is also the time I began my quest dabbling in acrylics.

I’ve always been a creative type. I wrote poetry growing up as early as third grade (maybe even earlier). In high school, I decided I wanted to be a Hallmark card writer. I decided to go down the science field instead, but I have never lost my creative passion.

Thirteen years ago, I had a writer’s block, which forced me to find a new outlet. Since then, I continue to dabble in many different art styles.

I’ve listened to podcasts and read articles that all say to pick a niche to be successful. I was never meant to follow the rules when it comes to art. So, stay tuned. You never know what may come next from this artist.

Add some of The Project in your home.

Sometimes life is beautiful chaos.

This monkey wants you to smile.

Creativity takes courage. Don’t Doubt. DO.